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Character Perspectives Possible:
* Kim Ford
* Paul Schafer
* Jaelle
* Arthur Pendragon
* Galadan (meanwhile, elsewhere...?)

NPCs possible:
* Aileron dan Ailell
* Loren Silvercloak (see canon introspective for example?)
* Shalhassan of Cathal
* Matt Soren?

Please post a ficlet with your character's take on the situation in the comments of this post.  On the evening of March 1, I (or someone else, if anyone wants) will compile them into a single entry (an example of the style to be used can be seen here) and will post to the bar.

Deadline:  March 1st, 2007



Date: 2007-02-28 04:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] most-generous.livejournal.com
Aileron smiles and raises the challenge to the two kings beside him. "Shall we three hunt wolves of the Dark in Gwen Ystrat?"

Shalhassan of Cathal only nods. Arthur Pendragon says, "It will be good to have an enemy to kill just now."

It will, in fact, be very good.

Yesterday, Arthur sought out Kim to ask her about Guinevere. Jennifer. Kim spoke of kidnapping, a black swan, Rakoth Maugrim. What Kim did not say, Arthur can guess. Guinevere has been carried off before, in other worlds and other lives. This time Arthur was sleeping, and Lancelot could not come; Kim did come, but too late.

Arthur wishes, fervently, that Lancelot had been there. Lancelot: his right arm in battle, his shield and his fortress, absolutely loyal in all things save one. Arthur could bear to see Guinevere and Lancelot look upon each other, he thinks, if only Guinevere were still golden, and Lancelot had kept her safe.

Arthur can do nothing for Guinevere now except let her go free in peace. He can fight wolves, though, and he will do so gladly.

Date: 2007-03-03 04:03 am (UTC)
wolflord_andain: (b&w fierce)
From: [personal profile] wolflord_andain
Galadan is the Wolflord of the andain, and this title deals with more than the shape he bears, and always has.

So it is that he is confident enough to set his wolves on Gwen Ystrat, leaving them to their own devices while he runs free on errands of his own.

Errands that further his own cause more than that of Rakoth Maugrim.

For Galadan will see to the final destruction of Fionavar. He will have recompense for his pain and his humiliation.

He will forget the sight of Lisen's face, the sound of her voice, the--

Nothing will remain.

Not even him.

And then he will have peace.

Date: 2007-03-05 03:27 am (UTC)
pwyll_twiceborn: (startled sideways glance)
From: [personal profile] pwyll_twiceborn
Paul watches the power struggle between Jaelle, Aileron and the absent Audiart in detached silence - taking note of the sallies made, even when he doesn't understand the full import of them - until Aline mentions the wolves in the woods.

His gaze sharpens instantly. But he waits for a pause in the complex game before stepping forward, with a polite cough.

"Aileron, you spoke of cleaning out the wolves. It may be more important than that."

He pauses a moment. "Aline, is Galadan in Leinanwood?"

"We never thought of that," says the priestess, with fear in her eyes. Paul isn't surprised; he steps back again, waiting to see what the others will do with this new question on the board. He expects they'll make the decision to move right away.

And so they do, until Kim upsets the board by saying quietly that it will be more than a hunt; that she and Loren and Jaelle will also be accompanying the hunting party.

"Why?" Paul asks, when no one else seems to have a response. Those three have other talents; surely their responsibilities in the capital are more important than a wolf hunt, with or without Galadan's involvement.

But when Kim answers that she'd dreamed Loren at Morvran, it becomes clearer. And Paul understands that, Galadan or no, this hunt will not be his.

Date: 2007-03-08 04:54 am (UTC)
first_of_dana: (Robed In White)
From: [personal profile] first_of_dana
Jaelle recognizes the woman in the grey robes – Aline – waiting for them in the Great Hall, and strides past the Kings, regal and commanding as either of them, to speak to her. And she listens, impassive and cold and very still, as Aline recites her greeting from Audiant, Second of the Mormae, Second of Dana, in Gwen Ystrat. The only outward reaction is a slight narrowing of her eyes, when Aline explains that Audiant chose to send a personal message, rather than linking through the Mormae to Jaelle, so that the men here would understand the urgency.

She almost relaxes – a little – when Aline explains that Audiant is acting as the King’s Warden, not as the High Priestess’s Second. But then her shoulders stiffen again as Aileron cuts in, demanding that a message sent from his Warden must needs be delivered to him, not to Jaelle. Nor does Jaelle intercede, though his tone and behavior are hardly those she expects her priestesses to be addressed with. Aline, whether she knows it or not, is a pawn in a complex power struggle both within the ranks of the priestesses of Dana and outside it, among three very clever people, and between each pair of them.



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